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Hight quality and service

We are fully commited to offer customer satisfaction, so our company has already implemented the ISO 9002 standard. All our products are designed and manufactured with the most modern equipment, materials and technology available and are inspected and tested at different stages of the process to ensure our customers a product of the highest quality and with factory warranty according to the ISO 9002 standards.

We offer an attractive option (high quality and low cost) in making any Commutator or Slip Rings that you need according to the specifications and design standards of quality from the manufacturer and that are used in steelmakers, mining, oil, manufacturing, transport, such as railways, metro, trolleybuses, paper mills, maritime companies, elevators and freight elevators among others.

High Performance
We work efficiently and effectively to provide a timely and tailor-made service.


Our projects
Here are some of our clients and projects that we have undertaken.

News & Info

  • International Service
    We remind you that we have sufficient capacity to provide domestic and international service.
  • Red Alert
    We have a program called 'red Alert' where we commit ourselves to deliver the product in half the regular time.
  • Competitive Prices
    We offer highly competitive prices to meet all kinds of requests and demands.